or How the Party Avoided Being Eaten

As the party finished with the cultists, a creature emerged from the shadows just long enough to gain the attention of the party, but slipped away before they could make out what it was. Broog, Vlarune, Lukas, and Marky seemed to all have the same mind to go after, for they took off with no words shared. As Vlarune approached the enemy, fear took over and he sprinted in the opposite direction. This should have deterred the others, but they pressed onward. Each Marky, Lukas, and Broog traded blows with the cannibal, and soon Vlarune returned to blast it from a distance. After a rather thorough bashing, the cannibal took off with surprising speed. Even in his wildshaped form, Broog could not keep up, but he could track the opponant. 


The party came upon a cabin in the woods. They tried to approach quietly, but the cannibal's hearing was too keen. With some slightly regained vigor, he swung open the door and prepared for the coming attack. To make sure he could run no further, Broog surrounded the cabin with a Spike Growth. Unfortunately, this also prevented his companions from getting close to attack, so they had to make due with a ranged assault.


After several barrages from both sides, the cannibal retreated to the inside of his cabin. Broog was quick to relieve the growth and head inside. With their enemy finally cornered, the party struck him down with little effort. Seemingly safe, the party took a moment to look around the cabin for anything of importance. Lukas sensed that a portal had recently been used, but before he could further investigate, the cannibal rose from his pseudo-death and took Vlarune hostage. He quickly broke free and the cannibal finally, truly slain. Lukas collected another Abyssal tome, this one about the use of portals, while the rest decided on how to transport the cannibal body to town.


On their way back, they found that the cultists had gotten away. Upon returning to the town, the party presented the cannibal who had been terrorizing the town. The townspeople were slow to praise, even doubtful that he was the source of their problems. Luckily Lukas, a seasoned hunter and a Council contractor, assured the people that their problem was solved. 


The next day, the group returned to Centurion City to await the Council meeting. Seeing that they would have a few days, thr group decided to run some errands. In particular, Broog wished to acquire a bag of holding in which to place the equipment they had been procuring. He and Vlarune entered a magical item shop owned by a Gnome. He priced the bag at 4000 gold, which even with guild funds was too much. The Gnome then suggested a box of holding, which had less space but the same function. He priced it at 2000 gold, but after explaining that they work for the Council and couldn't current;y afford the box, the Gnome said that if they could deliver some wares for him, that he could drop the price to 1000. After informing the others and getting ANOTHER delivery consisting of herbs for the same location, they decided that this task could occupy them while they awaited the Council summons.



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