evacuation, ambush, and undead

Our adventurers find themselves tasked to find the former mayor after the acting mayor/captain asked us to. At first we negotiated price for the previous job, but the captain said that the deal was with the former and not with him. We settled on 75g each for bringing back the people, and another 25 each if we bring back the former mayor alive.

Broog stayed in the forest connecting to nature, and learning how to turn into the animals he spent time with. The rest of the party also grew in power, learning new abilities and just becoming more awesome overall.

After the group rested, we they found Broog and saw his new found power, watching him turn into a dire wolf. He was able to track the former mayor to a cabin. After running head first into the door, Vlarune started busting down the door with Eldritch Blasts, while Iris went around the back to prepare for whoever came out the other direction. Tired of waiting with a bow and arrow, she lept in through the window ungracefully, finding the former mayor with a sword. While Bemo opened the blocked door through a whole in created by Vlarune, Iris got into a skirmish with the former mayor, and knocked him out.


Tied up and scared he explains that he "had to do it" for the town so they wouldn't be run over with undead. While begging us to not take him back to the captain, the group ignores him after the interrogation and hands him over anyway with the payment.


We informed the captain that an undead horde was coming to take the town, and he didn't seemed pleased. He decided to evacuate, rather than risk fighting and becoming part of the undead horde.

The new acting mayor explains what happened to the rest of the town. They aren't happy with the party, because now they have to leave the town, and they blame us for what is happening. The party doesn't really care.

The team remembered that someone is supposed to pick up the captured humans from the goblins. They go over to see Gob. They almost get into a fight with the goblin guards outside, but are remembered as "good longshanks."

Gob is good with the ambush plan, where Vlarune and Bemo pretend to be the captured humans that are being given over to whoever may be picking them up. After a few days, Iris and Marky hide behind some shrubs, while Broog turns into a spider and hangs out at the top of the entrance to the goblin cave. Eventually a cart with a humanoid rider comes to the cave. Undead surround the cart and start heading to the entrance of the cave.


Iris tries to get closer while being stealthy, and fails miserably. So does Marky. So much so that even the skeletons notice. A fight ensues. Vlarune lights a torch so the party can see things, being the MVP that he is and hexes the guy in charge. Bemo casts a spell that makes him drop with laughter. Twice. 

The skeletons attack Marky and Iris, but are easily disposed. Broog being the giant spider he is, sinks his fangs into the what we later find out to be a tiefling. The tiefling is surrounded and knocked out.

Tied up and awakened after a few hours, the group realizes he has no toungue and cannot speak. Vlarune casts charm person on him, and starts asking questions. With the group's help, the tiefling starts writing things down, but Vlarune again comes in clutch with Comprehend Languages.

The piece of paper with a rune on it is the marking of "Lord Kaladesh" which is the tiefling's god, or boss or something. Broog finds a stone and a feather in a hidden compartment in the cart. The stone is a stone of silence, which has a 10 yard radius. The feature casts "pass without trace" once a day.


Broog finds a key in the goblin cave, which no one knows what it does. He helps the goblins find a new cave, a gloriously better cave, as the group warns Gob that undead are coming for them as well. While he does that, the party comes back to the town to put the tiefling in a jail cell. He tries all night to break free, but can't and becomes exhausted. Broog stays with the goblins to sleep in the new cave, the group stays in the now deserted town for the night. They wake up to find the tiefling still there, and the guard complaining of the noise. A few gold pays him off for the nights work.

Somewhere a mysterious narrative voice pops into all of our heads at the same time, it speaks saying "If you didn't already know, you aren't good."



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