rumors in centurion city

note – from 1/29/17 session. – last week.

This week in or adventure the group followed up on some rumors. The first was a kid who was having  nightmares about a monster with YUUUGGGEE eyes. After finding the kid, they run into Lukas, who happens to catch the kid and scares the crap out of him.

Lukas had been sent to rendezvous with the group and had been tracking them for all of a day, after the council assigned him to help them. 

Broog calms the kid's mood, only like Broog can, by petting him like a pet. Not bothering to get the kid's name, Broog manages to convince the kid to show them where he saw this monster that started giving him nightmares. The kid travels while on top of Broog's shoulders, and they get there at dusk to where the well was, close to where the forest started turning into swamp.

As they come upon the swamp, they send the kid back. They notice a few specific things. There is death in the air, and in the ground. There is also mud, and lots of unsettled dirt. It smells pretty bad.

They venture a bit deeper, and are ambushed by a group of giant carrion worms. Lukas shows his stuff in dispatching some of them, while the rest of the party has a hard time because the monsters paralize with some of their attacks.

After dispatching 3 of the worms, a bigger version appears. It's obviously unnatural, and was heading to the party after catching the scent of fresh death, the preferred food for these worms.

Eventually the gigantic worm drops, and Lukas cuts open it's brains to see if he can find what caused the anamoly. He couldn't tell anything from it's head. The party finds some loots.

Lukas informs the party that they have been assigned to follow up with the town of WhitWick, while waiting for the rest of the council to arrive in Centurion City.

When the party gets to WhitWick, they notice all the houses have windows and doors boarded shut. They see lights on in the Tavern, but no one answers doors when they go to investigate.

The bartender at first is distrusting, but after he sees the papers he lets them in. He explains that people have been going missing at night, without returning. It started with hunters, and ended up with others when they went in the woods looking for the hunters.

It gets to the point where the incidents were happening in town instead of just the forest. The party is told by the bartender there's a hunter who seen the "man" and is at the bar to discuss. Lukas heads over to the man, who is 7 foot tall, and doesn't blink at Lukas' size being he is also just as tall.

This man didn't talk much, and his arm was in a sling. The group inspects his arm after he unwraps it. Lukas can quickly make out that it's not lycanthropy, but it's definitely human bite/claw marks. His arm is deeply wounded and it's interesting that a 7 foot man would get hurt by a "normal" sized human.

While talking to the hunter, they encounter a woman who's had her son abducted right out of his room. The group asks to check out the seen. After investigating, they can see there are sharp cut marks on the wood, and there was a fight inside the room. The blood is her son's, and he tried to fight back, before being flung out of the room and dragged into the forest as the claw marks in the grass outside show.

Deep in the forest, the party encounters cultists, doing what cultists do, with a body over a fire, presumably for the cultists to eat after they pray to their demon master. Most of the party can tell they are praying to Kaladesh. They try to shoot them to have an advantage of surprise, but the shots go wide and they clash in battle with a few clerics and a bunch of lackys.

They are dispatched after annoyingly commanding everyone to flee so they could get away, but aren't able to outrun or outsmart the group.

As the party decided to take a rest, out of the corner of their eye, a few notice a form in the shadows sprinting around. What could it be?




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