Vlarune and Monkey appear as Broog find God.

The group decides to rest. Everyone is sleeping, Broog has interesting dream. Silvanus appears as a wolf behind a background of a massive forest, then transforms into a human. Broog turns around and sees Beemo unconscious with no clothes, abyssal runes on the ground, and a brick wall behind Beemo.

He wakes up from this confused merger of nightmare and dream, wakes everyone up, and finds that Beemo is gone, but his clothes and gear are still there. The group can sense someone was in  here, and they lose the trail, presumably because magic.

They go back to the mage guild in Sanctuary to see Leps again. He's triggered like before this time by Vlarune, and requests help from the other mages. Broog can't seem to remember the dream anymore, but magic is as magic does so a spell pulls him into a state with one of the members of the guild, where they clearly see a tapestry, a shield with an insignia on it, the mage recalls that it used to be an old castle from a family that is no longer around. They also see something that resembles a suit of armor on the left of Beemo.

Now a brothel.

The group heads to the brothel, and Broog does some reconnaissance, after about 45 minutes of searching for a room, Broog just stops, and stares at a wall. And then realizes the wall is mis-aligned somehow.

He comes back to the group, they rent the paddle room for a few hours, which is the room closest to the anomaly, and find the button to open the door. It leads down a long hallway with two ways to go, left and right. The group goes left, eventually finding an empty room, with the same abyssal runes on the floor, a homunculous made up of stitched together body parts on the left standing table, and nothing on the right. Broog being able to read abyssal, understands that it's a soul transfer set up.

The party heads to the other room, and come across the demon in the dream, with the suit of armor, and Beemo. Jackpot. The demon is busy trying to understand why Beemo's soul won't go into the armor. He pulls some levers to start running electricity into the armor, and presumably to Beemo next, but the group interrupts him. The voice is familiar, Broog realizes it's the same voice from the cave when they were summoned out of the metal dungeon/dimension into the cave. It was the voice of the tiefling that Iris killed a few days prior, now in the body of a large ape like structure, with demonic features.


The party surprises and attacks the demon, while the suit of armor starts to animate from the current coursing through its body. Hammer springs into action, easily breaking his bonds, while Beemo was unconcious and unreactive to all the comotion. The ape demon took considerable damage before going invisible, but being spotted by Hammer's innate ability to locate such beings. Regardless of being found out, he summoned another demon that looked just like him, to help kill the party. After a few close calls, the demons are killed and Beemo is picked up by Broog to be taken to a doctor.

The doctor explains he was drugged and a night of rest will and a concoction given to Beemo will let him wake up feeling a bit weird but just fine. He is a hero after all.

Our adventurers go back to the mage guild, to explain what was going on in the brothel. Verifying it in the zone of truth, Leps gets triggered as usual, and the group is told they will need to appear at a large, LARGE council meeting that will be held within the next few days. All the guilds are attending. Mages, Druids, Thieves, Mercenaries, Monasteries, Paladin houses, even the Clerics.

The party has a few days to rest up before everyone convenes to discuss the issue of undead, demons, and how our adventurers keep getting caught up in the middle. Who keeps going after the party while they are resting? First another dimension, now a kidnapping, why are they being targeted? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z



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