The Realm of many Doors, and Trolls

After paying off the guard, the group finds themselves with an open-ended question: where to next? They decide against leaving the Tongue-less Tiefling to die alone in a prison cell, so they decide to catch their bearings. Finding a map in the mayors office, they decide the past route is to trek up the neighboring town, hiding their tracks along the way, and dropping the prisoner off at the city guard.


Once in the city, the party briefly split up. Bemo decided to find an armory to find a suitable ranged weapon at a reasonable price. Broog wanted to link up with his fellow druids, albeit the circle of the land variety. Broog warned the druids of the impending undead army, who promptly sounded warnings in the form of messenger birds to multiple cities. Marky couldn’t manage to find a church with her own diety, but still found company in a couple priests of  Pelor, who decided to come back to the tavern for a few drinks. Vlarune, after listening in to conversations, alarmingly found another couple individuals who have head of the impending undead scourge. However after confronting, was unable to get information before they left the tavern in a hurry.


Being late at night after a long day travelling, all group members decide to tucker in for the night. When the adventurers awoke, Iris opened the door to a queer sight: a landscape that is way to jagged to be described as an inn. With no direction to go but forward the group decided to explore the location. With Broog’s expert advice of “Always go left”, they ended up rather spectacularly scaling up to a higher pathway. This new pathway led to an altar with a single magic rune on a button. With no real direction to go, the team decided to activate this device in hopes of escaping this dream-like situation. Alas this was in in the cards for the adventurers, teleported to a room of doors, as all great adventures begin..and perhaps end. With no way back, the adventurers had a tough choice to make: Go through the metal, green, black, red or blue door. After an extremely democratic moment, Broog jumps through the Metal door, the other adventurers following quickly behind.


And thus, the group finds themselves in a similar predicament, stuck in a room with 2 locked doors. After some navigating, the group arrives in a larger room, this turned out to be a large water elementals bedroom. Battle ensues, at one point Marky is swallowed by the water elemental but manages to break free. Broog, taking on his bear form, swipes his claws from head to foot of the elemental, spewing water onto the ground.


After spying an important looking archway not present in the other “regular” hallways, the adventurers decide to proceed in that direction. Unfortunate for them, they found a group of metal murloc-like creatures. Vlarune tried listening to their leaders thoughts, but received only an annoying “BZZZZZZZZ” constant sound in return. The adventurers quickly dispatch the underlings, and Bemo manages to melt their boss to a puddle in the ground. Marky finds a trap, and after Iris nearly has a meet in with an arrow to her face, some hidden treasure. And so the quest to find an exit continues.


With some twists and turns through the dungeon, the adventures then came upon some big metal doors, and after opening found an interesting room, partly intriguing were the 4 pillars spaced out with fires on them, but most of the adventurers attention was spent on the 2 giant trolls in the middle of the room. Bemo and Vlarune team up to incapacitate one troll, causing it to fall onto the floor with laughter. The rest of the team manages to fling one of the braziers of fire onto the troll, setting the monster into panic and fire, unfortunately after the Troll slammed Marky unconscious. With the enemies distracted the group focused their attention, and weapons, on the closest trolls. After much to and fro, Marka jumped in the air, bashing the troll repetitively with her feet so hard it was knocked unconscious. The team then was able to focus their attention on the second troll who had decided it had had it’s fill of laughter for the day, looking at the adventurers with rage. Bemo quickly jumps to action before the troll can act, stabbing it in the back with a rapier, with which he later heated up to catch the troll on fire. After much trial, Vlarune was finally able to slay this troll, splattering it’s brains across the wall with a focused blast of force energy. After this battle concluded, a portal appeared in the room. The adventurers entered the portal, thankfully finding their way back to their original room at the inn, still unsure of what had occurred or why.



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