Exiled by man, nature became his new family.


Lvl 4 Druid/1 Ranger, Human (V)


Acrobatics +1
*Animal Handling +3
Arcana -2
*Athletics +3
Deception +0
History -2
Insight +3
Intimidation +0
Investigation -2
*Medicine +3
Nature -2
*Perception +3
Performance +0
Persuasion +0
*Religion -2
Sleight of Hand +1
Stealth +1
*Survival +3

Passive Insight=13
Languages: Common, Druidic, Primordial, Elvish, Abyssal
Background: Hermit
MAX HP: 33
DC: 13
Attack Rolls+5
Melee DMG (1d6/8)+5 (bludgeoning)
Spell Slots: (LVL1) 4, (LVL2) 2

Armor: L/M Armor, Shields
Weapons: Clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears
Tools: Herbalism kit
Skills: Animal handling, survival, medicine, religion, athletics
Prof Bonus: +2

Equipment: wooden shield, leather armor, explorer’s pack, scroll case filled with study notes and prayers, winter blanket, common clothes, herbalism kit, 5gp, quarterstaff.


Produce Flame

LVL 1 SPELLS I PREFER 6 preps at a time, list is just what I like
Create or Destroy Water
Cure Wounds*
Detect Magic
Faerie Fire*
Healing Word
Purify Food and Drink
Speak with Animals

Dust Devil
Enhance Ability*
Flaming Sphere
Gust of Wind
Heat Metal
Hold Person
Lesser Restoration
Locate Animals/Plants
Locate Object
Spike Growth*
Warding Wind

War Caster (note to self: eventually take sentinel for good synergy)

Wild Shape (IMPROVED)
Circle of the Moon
Favored Enemy: Demons
Natural Explorer: Forest

Broog is simple and charming. He has no care for bounties of wealth or glory, but prefers embracing what nature so freely offers that man is so quick to dismiss. Exile changed the way he acted; once a barbaric warrior, he is now devout student of nature. He speaks as if an animal, using fewer words than some would prefer but what he feels is sufficient to express himself. His actions seem brutish, but he sees them as honest. He grew tired of the posturings of men; enemies should be fought and friends should be loved. In this he is more immediate to express himself or act on a desire. It seems odd to the hunter or soldier that sees him in the woods he calls home, but to him it’s just natural. Also refers to himself in third person a worrying amount.


Broog grew up in a clan of nomadic barbarians, all of them rather beastly and moronic. He had experience both in hunting and combat, but it was nature that truly interested him. In the travels with his clan, he saw many landscapes, animals, and plants, all acting in perfect serenity. Sadly, the conflicts with other clans would often lead to the destruction of these lands, driving animals from their homes and eradicating the local plant life.

Broog’s clan leader, Brunt, treated battle like sport, as if it was natural to constantly search for enemies to vanquish. Broog admittedly enjoyed a good fight, but he saw no need to kill, much less destroy the homes for both man and animal alike.

One day, Brunt had his eyes on a village known for its ample food supply due to its proximity to a sizable forest. Of course they succeeded in this conquest, but Brunt decided to burn it all down to prevent others from moving to this land. Broog felt this was pointless and protested this decision. His peers saw this as questioning their leader, punishable by death, but Brunt had something else in mind. Broog was to be exiled. Brunt said that nature was evil and unforgiving, but if Broog felt the need to defend it then he should suffer natures wrath. Either Broog would be dead within days or he would come to command to forces of nature so well that Brunt’s end would be inevitable. With this, Brunt’s men cast Broog out and burned down the lands.

Broog ran to clear as many animals from the forest as possible, making paths and moving burning branches to get packs clear. Obviously this task is nearly impossible for one man, but he did manage to to help in one way. He found a large bear pinned under a flaming trunk surrounded by two smaller bears. It would snap if they got close, as if telling them to go. It was a mother bear and her two cubs. As Broog drew closer, it was clear that she couldn’t escape. He grabbed the two cubs and ran. Behind he could hear the mothers cries of both thankfulness and good-byes.

As he cleared the forest, Broog happened upon a clearing with many of the surviving animals. Expecting them to run at the sight of either the cubs or himself, he approached cautiously. They didn’t seem to notice as they watch their home burn in the distance. This group never left each other, even though they were of all species. Squirrels, deer, bears and more. They were all family now.

Broog lived with this family for years, learning how to live off nature with what is so freely provided. He felt this way of life imbue him with a new understanding of the world, both physical and spiritual. This is how his time as a Druid began.

Broog lived many years in this solitude, but now he feels the call to return to the world of men. Not knowing what awaits him, he holds peace in knowing that he can never truly leave nature behind.

Note for section below: Names for non-humanoid creatures were made by Broog in his head. They may have a real name or none at all.


Floof- One of the two bear cubs Broog saved. His brother left one morning soon after the fire that destroyed their home, but Floof stuck with Broog as a companion during much of his exile. Once Broog could wildshape, their friendship only became stronger. Though they could be considered the best of friends, they would occasionally be separated for days or weeks at a time due to hunts or simple wandering. After going six weeks without seeing Floof, Broog finally ended his exile.

Sprig- Unclear if she was just a random tree spirit or the spirit of the very woods Broog spent his exile in, Sprig helped Broog start his path down the road as a druid, also helping him find food and shelter when needed. This babying explains Broog’s utter lack of knowledge regarding nature, even though he spent a decade in exile.

Brug- Broog’s close friend (possibly blood relative, but their “culture” in the tribe made it impossible to tell) from his barbarian days. Brug, like Broog, didn’t care for the ruining of others’ lives, but he also felt that they needed to find a living somehow. He would have helped or even gone with Broog upon his exile, but both knew that choosing to help or join an exile meant that they would be hunted down and killed so as to prevent the formation of a rival tribe.


Salvo- A fellow druid Broog encountered a few times in his exile. Though both he and Broog seemed to keep their distance at each encounter (Broog due to lack of trust in men, Salvo’s reasons remain a mystery), they seemed fine with momentarily crossing paths when gathering supplies or hunting. Once during a particularly nasty storm, Salvo knew Broog had no shelter to withstand the harsh weather, so he went and invited him in. Luckily, this was during one of his stints separated from Floof. Both were generally short on words, so not much conversation was had, but Broog would henceforth hold deep respect for Salvo.

Splitfang and the Pack- Splitfang (a name Broog gave him in his mind due to the fact Splitfang has a cracked fang that looks like two smalled fangs) is the alpha of his pack. Sprig introduced Broog to Splitfang shortly after he was capable of wildshaping so he could hunt. They would allow him to tag along out of reverence for the tree/wood spirit, but Broog could tell that he would never truly be one of the pack.

Wol (pronounced “WALL”)- A rather large night owl that Broog would seemingly try to talk to on occasion. Wol tended to stay near Floof and Broog at night, watching from the nearest tree. Due to being unnaturally large for an owl and looking a bit creepy (as owls often do), Broog wasn’t overly fond of Wol, but he wasn’t hostile. Wol’s conversations with Broog usually consisted of Wol hooting for a bit (whether it was directed at Broog or not was often unclear), Broog hooting back, and Wol either replying with a confused sounding hoot or just staring back.


Brunt- Tribe leader that banished Broog to exile.

Boff- Closest thing Broog’s tribe could consider a general. He would “plan” (point at general directions of villages) attacks with Brunt and decided how divide the spoils among the “soldiers” based on their performance in the raids. He and Broog were not on good terms for obvious reasons.

Napoleon- Napoleon inhabited a particularly nice hut in a hollowed out tree in the forest where Broog spent his exile. He was also a reanimated skeleton with seemingly no necromancer to answer to. Napoleon isn’t all that mean or evil, just really annoying. When Broog first happened upon Napoleon’s hut, he thought maybe he could do with living near another person. Sadly, Napoleon talked a lot. A whole lot. After being several years deep in his exile and not hearing another person speak for so long, Broog found Napoleon overwhelming. But, being a talking skeleton in the woods, Napoleon was excited to see another person for once. He didn’t mind that Broog wouldn’t talk back, he filled the air enough for the two of them. After staying with Napoleon for a few talkative days, Broog ran off back to Floof. Occasionally, Napoleon would find Broog in the night and drag him back to the hut thinking some other creature stole him in the first place. Broog would try to explain that he found Napoleon’s presence exhausting, but Nappy would just brush it off as Broog being under some “reverse charm type enchantment.” Thus, Broog considers Napoleon an enemy. Not in the traditional sense, but he certainly feared the sight of him in the woods.


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