Lukas Fenwright

A pragmatic monster-hunter who has seen too much


Class – Horizon Walker Ranger Level 5
Race – Wildhunt Shifter
Background – Haunted One
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
Languages – Common, Sylvan, Primordial, Deep Speech
Age: 42

Hp – 40
AC – 15
Initiative – +4

Str – 10
Dex – 18
Con – 10
Int – 14
Wis – 16
Cha – 10

Proficient Skills – Arcana, Athletics, Perception, Stealth, Survival

Feature – Heart of Darkness: "Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are no stranger to darkness. Though they might fear you, commoners will extend you every courtesy and do their utmost to help you. Unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them, they will even take up arms to fight alongside you, should you find yourself facing an enemy alone.


When Lukas was a young noble, a dreadful attack by a group of cultists and monsters befell his home town. His livelihood was obliterated, his family destroyed, but his love had been kidnapped right from under him, her strong magical blood used as a focus allowing the cultists and their monstrous retinue to continue their plundering across the realms. He surged after them with all his might, chasing the cultists from one realm to another, always a step behind. Years passed, and Lukas began to despair; realizing that it was his nobility, his very humanity, that was holding him back, the abyss that he had hunted for so long slowly became him. With the energies of thousands of worlds coursing through him, Lukas was reborn within as a monstrous creature. Soon, he had slaughtered everything in his path leading right up to the cultists’ door.

She wasn’t there.

She had been dead for years.

Nothing held him back any longer, he had seen so much, done so much; he wasn’t even certain if all of it had really happened. He unleashed everything he had in him in one grand bloodbath, killing every monstrosity in sight.

Something had shifted within him then. Some ancient blood welled to the surface. He was no longer human, and when his eyes opened next and he had realized what he had done, he was shocked to see that he was surrounded by a group of hooded men in leather armor and sharp knives. As the roaring of the blood in his ears subsided, he saw that they were applauding him.

The men moved strangely, if you blinked they would suddenly be at your side or far off in the distance, there was no accounting for them. One of them, a man named Farron, came straight up to Lukas, and placed something that looked like a shard of frosted glass in his hand. “Good hunt, brother. Now come join us in the conclave. There’s life in you yet.” He said. With little else keeping Lukas going, he agreed, and joined the Conclave of Horizon Walkers.

Lukas Fenwright

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