Bad Religion

or How the Party Repurposed a Summoning Circle

Thinking the portal would lead back to their room at the inn, the party was very surprised to find themselves surrounded by cultist who weren't shy of their worship of Kaladesh. After a moment to gain their bearings, the party realized they were standing in what looked to be a summoning circle, eight of the cultists around them, one cultist (who looked to be the leader) on a platform. While Broog and Bemo took care of the underlings, Iris kept the leader distracted. After a furious battle, the foes were destroyed and their leader was knocked out.


With a moment to collect themselves (and any loot on their enemies), the party noticed Vlarune and Monkey seemed to be missing. Figuring the now tied up cult leader would be the most likely to know where they were, the party took a short rest. Upon his awakening, the cult leader seemed determined to kill himself. The party tried questioning him, but all was for naught. The leader lost consciousness once more and thus they would wait once more. As they waited, Iris found a book on the leader. The script seemed unintelligible, but somehow Broog could tell it was in Abyssal, tongue of Demons. Broog explained his recent learnings in the way of the ranger presented him newfound knowledge on Demons as his favored enemy. Being that he has never met a Demon, this didn't really make sense, but his weak reasoning is that he finds Demons to be unnatural and, therefore, evil. 


Anyway, the book clearly spoke of a summoning ritual for trolls. The cult leader awoke and the party questioned him once more, this time holding his head in a way that he couldn't harm himself. The leader claimed that they indeed were attempting to summon trolls, but somehow ended up with the three now standing before him. Broog presented the troll head he cut off as a trophy, figuring it was essentially a focus they used to ride the summons. Unfortunately, the total mass of the part was more than just two trolls, so some got left behind. The leader said that he could try the summoning once more to bring back the missing members, but those present found the implications behind his willingness too sinister. Quickly growing tired of the wailing and thrashing that followed their rejecting, Iris ran her sword through the leaders face, thus ruining any chance he had to just kill himself.


Bemo, Iris and Broog discussed their next course of action, deciding their goal was to bring back their companions, but first they must find a city in hopes that one more versed in summons could be found. Outside the cave where this entire story has taken place thus far, Broog wildshaped into a dire wolf and carefully approached a nearby pack. They surrounded him to be safe, but let him speak. The wolves gave clear directions, both to the city and to steer clear of their territory.


Half a day spent walking to the road, and another half walking to the city, the party found themselves in Centurion City by dawn. A guard at he front gates was wary of the group, but let them in once he understood their plight, or at least tired of Broog's ramblings about summoning and evil. The Inn didn't often take visitors this late, but all were more than okay with resting in the front commons area.


All woke ready to save their find their transdimentional trapped friends. It was decided that the local mages guild was most likely their best hope, be it a summoner or portalmancer. Sadly, the mages found that the current state of the ritual would leave one involved in experience tainted by Kaladesh, but they could change it so that a pact could be made with a god in exchange for a clean ritual, Broog mentioned that they could call upon Silvanus, Goddess of Wild Nature. He wasn't too strongly connected to her or the druids they would need to contact her, but the circle they met back in Sanctuary (formerly known as the refugee city) could help.


A portalmancer set the group on their way as they searched once more for the circle Broog had earlier warned about Kaladesh's army of undead. Understanding of the party's plight, mostly since they seem to be the only ones willing to do something to stop Kaladesh, the druid circle was willing to help Broog contact Silvanus. The only caveat was that he must make a contract in exchange for the safe return of his friends. Thinking of what Broog could offer, the party traveled sixty miles back to the cave where this story began. 


The ritual was set and the party was ready. Broog entered the circle and seemingly fell into a trance as he spoke with SIlvanus. In return for the retrieval of Monkey and Vlarune, Broog was to become an emissary of the Goddess of Wild Nature AND interfere with any plans he knew of involving the killing of animals for sport until Silvanus felt he satisfied her request. Accepting these terms, Monkey and Vlarune appeared before the group. Broog approached them both, gave each a hearty pat on the back, and loudly proclaimed "Broog found God!"



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