Notorious G.O.B.

or How the Party Overthrew a Goblin King

Our party members found themselves rolling into town on a caravan heading to… somewhere. But before they could arrive somewhere, they stopped in Laham. A guard approached the driver, explaining that they didn't expect any caravans to come through, warning that without sending word ahead that that it may fall victim to the bandits that have been causing trouble as of late. So as to secure the roads ahead, the guard suggested the group stop for the night. The party quickly noticed that the town may seem empty st first glance, but the populace was simply hiding. Each member decided to head to the Inn for a brew. As they entered, Bemo and Iris lightened the mood with a quick melody, Vlarune headed one in, Broog sat with a stupid grin, to which Monkey Monk repaid in kind as she passed. Once all were seated inside, they introduced themselves.


Iris particularly took this chance to ask around about a person named Titus.The barkeep only knew of one Titus, but he only a child, and a rather unruly one from the sound of it. Then Mayor Erdan burst through the door, taking this chance to meet the outsiders. He too spoke of bandits, which finally set Iris off. She wished to to know if she, along with any other willing outsider, could take care of the bandits for a price. The Mayor said that they didn't have anything to give as a reward, but Iris would settle for a percentage of profits in a year's time. All willing members accepted these terms and retired to their various quarters for the night.


Come morning, they decided upon a plan. Monkey Monk, a nun of questionable repute, was to ride a canopied wagon along the dangerous path and lure out the bandits. This quickly proved to be a bad plan, as the wagon was slashed, the strange Druid Broog was nearly slain and the horse received quite a frighten. Luckily, not all was lost: One of the bandits, who appeared to be a band of goblins, was stricken before he could enter the torn wagon; Broog was revitalized enough to strike down his foe; and the final goblin was destroyed in an excellent display of power.


After calming the horse, a task that proved to be quite the kick in the stomach, the party awaited to awakening of the goblin Broog had knocked unconscious. Seeing he was surrounded and tied up, the goblin was quite afraid. Best that could be told, his name was Gob. They attempted to goad Gob into telling them where his clan was and their numbers, but his fear and stupidity prevented clarity. Luckily, Broog felt that he could level with the goblin and have the closest thing to an intelligent conversation that both were capable of. Broog suggest that Gob could become the Goblin King. This struck quite the chord with Gob, Believing that he might actually suit such a position. He was a charming young goblin, and quite healthy with his single hit point, so none other could fill the job any better. He lead the party, who he referred to as "long-shanks" due to their taller stature, towards the cave. Bemo and Iris convince Gob to gather some of his friends, but his first group was rather lacking. It took some explaining, but they finally got Gob to understand that he needed an army. After putting mouths to ears and helmets to heads, Gob has his own little rebellion. The party lead the rebels to the Goblin King and prepared for battle. 


After some unintelligible goblin chatter, arrows flew and swords clashed. Broog and Iris were the first to drop, but were quick to soon rise once more to the occasion. After a quick yet fierce battle, Gob struck the final blow, destroying the Goblin King. Now friends with the long-shanks, he allowed them to free the remaining humans and search the dead king's quarters. There they found a book that mentioned two fellows named Balda and Lacio planning to trade ingredients of some king on a "moonless night." This made the party suspicious that a human back in Laham may have been helping the raid parties, so they were quick to assist the freed hostages and return.


Upon their return, the party was greeted with celebration, though the Mayor looked none too happy. Iris approached him, saying that they must talk immediately and away from the townspeople. He was reluctant, but accepted. The party headed to his office, but the moment Iris began to question him, the Mayor leapt out the window. Broog and Iris followed, while Vlarune, Monkey and Bemo searched they office. Even with the aid of an animal and a well shot arrow, those in pursuit lost the trail. Luckily, the office party found a secret compartment with incriminating evidence. They retrieved the captain of the guard to show him their findings and await a response.



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