1. My cousin told me about WhitWhick the southeast of Sanctuary, they are requesting help on finding missing people that include men women and children, and the source that's taking them. It's about a day's travel(still in progress)

2. A rogue at the table mentions a possible heist that's supposed to go down but from what it sounds like, the target is a library in Sanctuary city. ???

3 A noble got drunk with a soldier, who told the noble of a story about how royalty got put into an underground slave trade, but he wouldn't say a name or to what house.

<u>4. A kid was running around talking about how he found an old well outside of town, and gazed at a monster that was guarding it's treasure. But he's been having nightmares ever since. It's been a week! What could he have seen?</u> (this ended up being carrion worms. they have been dispatched)


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